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Stress Less

What is the Stress Less Program?

The Stress Less Program is a coached 3 consultation program, delivered via video conferencing which provides the client with:

1. Core nutrients required during periods of stress.

2. Relief from stress-related symptoms that you may be experiencing.

3. Healthy eating tips which support the nervous system and overall wellbeing.

4. Stress management techniques.

It is important as it enables the client to feel better, reduce the risks associated with ongoing stress and provides guidance on dietary and lifestyle improvements.  The client initially fills out a survey which identifies the effect of the stressors on the person and herbs and nutrients are prescribed to allow the client to withstand the effects of the stress in a more resilient way.  

There are many faces of stress that affect people differently.  

Some people present with:

  •  Nervous tension and anxiety
  •  Wired and tried
  •  Exhausted and flat
  •  Low mood
  •  Emotional
  •  Insomnia

The personalised Naturopathic prescription will depend on the clients' presentation.

A Wellbeing journal is used throughout the program where it is discussed at the consultations. A manual and readings are provided as part of the program.

Further consultations at the end of the program can be booked if a client is requiring ongoing support.

Program Cost : $295