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About Us


Nova and Stuart McNamara developed the Araman brand.  It was born as a result of having two children with sensory issues, food intolerances/allergies and poor sleep settling.  

After doing a lot of research, we came across the studies conducted by Dr Rosemary Waring at Birmingham University.  She had discovered that majority of children in her study that were on the autism spectrum had a PST enzyme transfer deficiency, leading to the inability to break down phenols in the liver and could be helped through the use of Epsom Salts in the bath. She had also done research into children with food intolerances.

We experimented with plain Epsom Salts and noticed an improvement with our children in their tolerance for additives, artificial colours and behaviour.  We decided to take it one step further and blend the Epsom Salts with Lavender Oil in an effort to provide a calming effect before bed. The change in our children was remarkable. 

After a year of using our blend, experimenting with different Lavender Oil species, we found the right ingredients and proportions to get a good result.  There was not a product on the market that was suitable for the use on children that was artificial fragrance free and only using Lavender oil which is safe for children and adults alike.  We decided that we could develop the product and bring this to the market in an effort to help other people the way it helped us. It has been tested on our children and several other children who have voluntarily participated in our market research.

Within 9 months the product was being distributed nationally. 

This sparked an interest for Nova to study Naturopathy after many years of passionate interest in the natural medicine area.  She holds an Advanced Diploma (Naturopathy) and Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy