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Nova's Weightloss Journey - 10 weeks

I commenced the Ultra Lite program myself back in September and these are my results at 10 weeks. Being a practitioner, I was well aware of the health risks associated with carrying too much weight. Like many of us, I had gained weight as I got older. I was having knee problems, difficulty with climbing our own stairs for about 2 years. I thought I was headed for knee surgery. I had signed a licence for the Ultra Lite program and did the training. I decided that not only did I need to lose weight too but wanted to experience the program so I could better guide my clients. So I started and by the time I lost 5 kg, I could climb the stairs with ease. By 8 weeks I purchased new clothes 2 dress sizes down. I have lost a total of 10.15 kg in 10 weeks and 73.9 cm in body fat from all over my body. I have lost 21.5 cm off my waist. I feel great, my skin is clearer and I am motivated to get down to wedding weight!

If I can do it, you can too!

If you have interest in embarking on the Ultra Lite weight loss program coached by a qualified Naturopath and Ultra Lite practitioner, phone me today. Ph: 0418 333 620. Private health rebates available from some funds.